Kaj Embren

John Elkington asks in the Guardian today if innovation and new business models can do the same for sustainability in the 21st century? The biggest problem and challenges we have is that our society not working with a balance the aligning human and nature system. Since we developed the Natural Steps 4 system – method some leading business leaders understand that they have to find a roadmap that can aligning human and nature system in their business strategy. Global reporting initiative (GRI) – and other tools are helping hands for business that integrate economy – ecology and social issues mostly for the business sector of today.

The problem as I see it that we have left the politician and economist behind. Politicians and economist don’t understand how to measure and report on eco system consequences when they discuss or take decision and evaluate GDP and GNP. We need a resilient economy that provides a better quality of life for all within the ecological limits of the planet. The initiative Economics of Eco system and Bio Diversity (TEEB) -http://bit.ly/IMlGJR – is a promising work by Pavan Sukhdev and others. Another interesting article is written by Charles Secrett – 9 reason why environmentalist should called them self economist where he point out the necessary of recognise the full productive value of delivering sustainable development (sustainability) in the round, generating honest capital and maximising human well-being.

Our economic system is failing people and the planet. I think the innovation issue should be up for economists and politicians. Why not inspire, push, demand that the political and economic sector to be the new change agents before the nature say no and give us humans no options.

And we need brave and outspoken politicians and economist in Rio+20

Where are you politicians and economists?

Kaj Embrén


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