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Arriving in Almedalen, the political arena in the summer city of Visby, Gotland, Sweden.

The city of Visby change its character from a summer city to a crowd hot political arena with 17.000 people involved. This year the Almedalen week counting record of events (1800) but also the number of organisers (900). Each party in the parliament have one day in the week to perform from the main stage in Almedalen. The majority of events are held in the area around Almedalen and the harbour.

Other co-organisers, (Media, NGO:s, corporations and business organisations, trade unions, regional and local governments, authorities) arrange events including early breakfast meetings, seminars, debates, hearings, speeches, lunch meetings, afternoon seminars, short programmes and networking events before and after the evening speeches. The main theme for this years debate is the future of the welfare state. You will also find specific discussions regarding Sustainable cities and the outcome of the Rio Summit. 23% of all event are green certified.

Respect, a values based consultancy will do ranking of the Almedalen week top sustainability issues. You can also follow me on twitter to see whats going on in Almedalen. If you visiting the Almedalen week you will meet some of Swedens top sustainability figures

See also the interview with Ulf Troedsson, CEO of Siemens Sweden, talking about the transport sector and electric highways. New pilot test project are under development in Sweden. Infrastructure investments for Sustainable Development have dominated some of the political discussions in Almedalen the first day.

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