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At the World Economic Forum The Green Growth Action Alliance published – The green Investment report some weeks ago.The Green Investment Report is the first report from the Alliance. It aims to inform and inspire policy-makers and public and private finance providers to close the gap in delivering inclusive, sustainable growth.

As I can see the report will be an interesting contribution to the ongoing discussion in many places in both developing and developed countries. In government it can play an important role for both policy discussion and actions.

In the report you will find facts that show how developing countries are playing a growing role in scaling up green investment. Cross-border and domestic investment originating from non-OECD countries grew 15-fold between 2004 and 2011 at a rate of 47% per year (compared with 27% per year for OECD-originating investment), albeit from a low base. Clean-energy asset financing originating from developing

countries in 2012 is on track for the first time to exceed those originating from developed countries. This investment is due in part to the creation of green growth strategies by a number of developing country governments—to advance water resources, sustainable agriculture, and clean energy.

Greening investment at scale is a precondition for achieving sustainable growth. The investment required for the water, agriculture, telecoms, power, transport, buildings, industrial and forestry sectors, according to current growth projections, stands at about US$ 5 trillion per year to 2020

Another interesting report Towards the Circular Economy vol. 2 presented by Ellen Mac Arthur Foundation in the beginning of this year identifies Global Economic opportunity worth US$ 700 billion for the consumer goods sector.

The circular Economy views the way forward on Sustainability.

For people who works in government, businesses, NGO:s – a good recommendation for coming policies and actions.

Kaj Embrén


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