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A Question of Leadership

As regular readers of my blog will know, the reasons to embrace sustainability range from the moral (think: averting climate chaos) through to the hardheaded (think: job creation). Regrettably, one vital incentive is missing: government backing. Despite what the Freemarketeers like to tell you, government support has been critical to many of the great technological… » read more

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Urban Dilemmas

The Stockholm riots have come as a shock to many commentators. Riots, they say, happen in grossly unequal, racially divided cities like London or Los Angeles, not in the supposed social utopia of Stockholm. But tensions have been mounting in Sweden’s urban centres for years now. Anger on both sides sporadically spills over into violence,… » read more

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We are now approaching the time for Sweden’s biggest political event – The Almedalen Political Week (June 30-July 7). An event on the island of Gotland in the Baltic sea which now brings together 20,000 participants from all Swedish political parties in the Swedish parliament, their stakeholders and foreign guests. A strong contributing factor to… » read more

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