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Welfare at stake?

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The new year marks new challenges and opportunities. In 2014 we will see two tests of two major political systems – the Swedish general election and the EU’s parliamentary election. Are politicians ready to face the challenges of the welfare state, climate change and other global issues?
Let me propose one of the means by which politicians, businesses and their stakeholders can be brought to the table – pension funds. Our pension funds need a new roadmap. If they are restructured responsibly, Sweden can create a new model that encourages more serious discussion about what we do with future investments.
How much CO2 is emitted by companies that Swedish citizens are inadvertent shareholders in by virtue of such public investments? Pension funds are some of the biggest actors in the country’s financial sector, so why aren’t they supporting the development of clean energy, especially in fields like bioenergy where Sweden is a global leader?
Now is the time for Swedish politicians to lead from the front.
Read my full article on how pension funds can overhaul the direction of energy markets – http://bit.ly/19rPQhp
For my Swedish network I also recommend the debate featured in the Daily Newspaper Dagens Industri – http://bit.ly/1gcEkbs – written by CEO of EON Sweden Jonas Abrahamsson, Professor at Karolinska Institutet’s Center for Social Sustainability Stefan Einhorn, TCO President Eva Nordmark, President of Global Utmaning Kristina Persson, Publicist Mats Svegfors, Archbishop of the Swedish Church Anders Wejryd, and President of the Club of Rome Anders Wijkman.
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