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Amazon on Fire

#365ACTNOW – Amazon on Fire – The Brazilian Bolsonaro Government now also cut scholarship for young indian student on universities and fire them if they go public with their fight for their legally owned land and talk about the rainforest fires. They need your support. Amazon Rainforest is not a national issue it is all about #ClimateEmergency for the planet. You and Me. Please share and support.Kayapo Cheif Raoni Metukire send this message to us all. He was one of the favourite to get the Nobel Prize this year. #amazonrainforest #sustainablefinance #trees #actnow – See the message from Kayapo Cheif Raoni Metukire and comments by Sam Roddick daughter to the late Anita Roddick and Gordon Roddick, Founders of The Body Shop – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1p3t7iBrRac




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